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If I Were a Virtually Rich Man: How the Bitcoin Revolution Will Affect the Banking and Commercial Payments World

Whether on-line currencies such as Bitcoin turn out to be the subject of intense regulationor simply a new and more efficient way of accommodating payments, this phenomenon is not going to go away. As a column in Forbes magazine recently noted, it remains to be seen what happens with Bitcoin, but retailers, especially those who make their money in the on-line world, are taking notice. More

Original Recording Date: 4/28/2015

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Legal & Ethical Issues in Financing a Commercial Lawsuit: Borrowing From Peter to Sue Paul

The “American Rule” that each party bears its own court costs has long presented a barrier to complex commercial litigation that only the well-heeled could surmount. The growth of alternative litigation funding, using lending from outside financiers, has started to take hold as a market solution to the age-old problem. More

Original Recording Date: 2/5/2015

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