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Are Patent Trolls Ruining US Businesses & the US Patent System?

Length: 2 hours 30 minutes

Patent holding companies, patent assertion entities and other non-practicing entities (“NPEs”)— often pejoratively called “patent trolls”—are back in the headlines.  NPE legislation is pending before Congress in multiple forms, over 3,000 infringement suits are being filed each year by patent owners who do not practice their patents, and the Federal Trade Commission is taking a closer look at the impact of NPEs on the economy.   

At this seminar, a panel of experts representing NPEs, industry, government, and academia will examine the impact of NPEs on innovation and the economy—from both ends of the debate.
The program will contain practical, hands-on advice from experienced practitioners, along with policy discussion.  This program is intended for intellectual property practitioners, in-house counsel, litigators, and anyone with an interest in this dynamic area of the law.  

CLE credit: 3.0 professional practice.


6:00-6:05 pm
Welcome and Introductions
David A. Boag

6:05- 6:35 pm
How the AIA and Recent Supreme Court and Other Court Decisions Have Altered the Non Practicing Entity Playing Field
James R. Klaiber

6:35-7:00 pm
A Practical Corporate Perspective on Non-Practicing Entities
J.P. Son

7:00-7:10 pm

7:10-7:35 pm
Throwing the Baby Out with the Bath Water: Where Universities Fit in the Debate on NPEs and Patent Reform
Fernando Alberdi

7:35-8:05 pm
The FTC’s Study of PAE Activity
Neal Hannan

8:05-8:35 pm
Patent Aggregation Entities and Mitigating Risk in the New Patent Economy
David Anderson

8:35-9:00 pm
Panel Discussion and Q&A
David A. Boag

CLE credit: New York & New Jersey: 3.0 professional practice. California & Pennsylvania: 2.5 general MCLE. 

Original Recording Date: 11/20/2014

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New York City Bar Association

Course Materials

  • *Patent Trolls Coursebook
  • Handout 1
  • Affirmation of Self-Study