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Ethics in the Electronic Age: Be Careful When Using That Smart Phone, Tablet, Blog, Social Network...

Length: 2 hours 40 minutes

Lawyers today are faced with a mind-boggling array of technological options designed to help them run their practices, communicate with their clients, store their data, and market their services.  Many of these technologies – such as cloud storage, internet-based software, mobile devices, social media, and predictive coding – have created tremendous efficiencies, particularly for solo and small firm lawyers.  The issue is no longer whether it is ethical for lawyers to use these technologies.  That ship has sailed.  The issue is how lawyers can effectively and competently integrate these technologies into their practices, without violating client confidentiality or other ethical obligations.  This program will discuss recent ethics opinions, case law, and other legal developments that pertain to the use of technology by lawyers. Additionally, using illustrations from multiple practice areas, the program will provide a basic grounding in electronic discovery and practical guidance for handling matters involving electronically stored information (ESI). This updated program will provide CLE credits to past attendees.

Program Co-chairs: Nicole Hyland, Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz PC & Katie M. Lachter, Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP


6:00-6:10 p.m. Introductions & Roadmap of Program

6:10-7:10 p.m. Emerging & Developing Technologies
•Remote Computing
•Mobile Devices & BYOD Policies
•Using the “Cloud”

7:10-7:15 p.m. Break

7:15-7:50 p.m. Social Media, Blogging, Listservs, & Lawyer Review

7:50-8:20 p.m. Using the Internet & Social Media for Investigation
& Discovery

8:20-8:25 p.m. Break

8:25-8:50 p.m. E-discovery Obligations, Document Review
Technologies, & Predictive Coding

8:50-9:00 p.m. Question/Answer Session

CLE credit: New York: 3.0 ethics; New Jersey: 3.4 professional responsibility; and California & Pennsylvania: 2.5 professional responsibility.

Original Recording Date: 6/2/2014

Produced By:

New York City Bar Association

Course Materials

  • Ethics in the Electronic Age: Be Careful When Using That Smart Phone, Tablet, Blog, Social Network...
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