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Mortgage Notes & the Future of Home Finance

Length: 2 hours 36 minutes

The financial crisis has put a tremendous amount of stress on the legal infrastucture for residential mortgages and securitization, and has raised a number of technical and political questions about the adequacy of the current establishment and the potential need for reform.  Is there a need for reform of the “holder-in-due-course” rule?  Do states require a greater amount of harmonization of their foreclosure procedures?  What is the interaction between Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code and (non-uniform) state real property registration systems?  Is there a need to federalize some or all of these registration systems?  What is the role and future of MERS?


6:00-6:15 pm    Introduction & Overview of Program    

6:15–6:45 pm    Historical Perspective             

6:45–7:30 pm    Uniform Home Foreclosure Procedures Act     

7:30–7:40 pm    Break

7:40–8:10 pm     A Federal Registry: Prospects & Progress     

8:10–8:20 pm    Break

8:20–8:50 pm    Security Interests in Mortgage Notes       

8:50–9:00 pm     Question/Answer Session   


CLE credit: NY: 3.0 professional practice; NJ: 3.2 general MCLE; CA & PA: 2.5 general MCLE

Original Recording Date: 4/23/2014

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New York City Bar Association

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