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Recent Developments & Updated in the Practice of Disabilities Law

Length: 2 hours 48 minutes

The program will focus on recent legal developments in education, labor, civil rights and accessibility, mental illness, and employment as they relate to people with disabilities. Presenters will include litigators who argued some of the cases that will be discussed as well as lawyers who are expert in their fields.

Program Chair: James Weisman, SVP and General Counsel, United Spinal Association


6:00-6:05 pm    Introduction & Overview

6:05-6:35 pm    Deinstitutionalization and the Olmstead Mandate

6:35-7:15 pm    Two NYC Discrimination Cases
-State of Public Transit Accessibility
-Taxi Suit
-Emergency Prep Preparedness

7:15-7:25 pm    Break

7:25-8:05 pm    Labor & Employment Update
-OFCCP Section 503 Final Rules
-Sheltered Workshops
-Pregnancy Accommodation
-Recent Cases/Suits of Interest

8:05-8:30 pm    Litigating Deaf and Hard of Hearing Cases
-Basis for Litigation
-Recent ADA and Rehabilitation Act Cases
-NYS Human Rights Law Cases
-NYC Human Rights Law Cases
-Interpreter Ethics

8:30-8:55 pm    Housing Rights of People with Disabilities
-Overview of Rights and Protections
-NYS Human Rights Law
-Fair Housing
-NYC Human Rights Law
 -Housing Provider Prospective
-Advertising of Available Housing as it Relates to People with Disabilities

8:55-9:00 pm     Conclusion

CLE credit: NY: 3.0 professional practice; NJ: 3.0 general; CA & PA: 2.5 general

Original Recording Date: 5/12/2014

Produced By:

New York City Bar Association

Course Materials

  • Fant-Stein Employment Law Section PPT
  • Disabilities Rights Advocates PPT
  • Affirmation Document