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The Ethics of Establishing A Professional Online Presence for Law Firms: Social Media, Websites, Blogging, Getting Reviews and More

Length: 3 CLE Credits

The Ethics of Establishing a Professional Online Presence for Law Firms: Social Media, Websites, Blogging, Getting Reviews and More.  

Every attorney will receive a complimentary copy of the best-selling legal technology book Online Law Practice Strategies for attending the event (a $49.95 value). Law firms know they need an online presence. What you also need to know is the ethical ramifications of establishing an online presence as a licensed attorney. Learning how to properly and ethically navigate your online presence is crucial for building a successful practice in this digital age.

This half-day program clearly outlines a step-by-step plan of action to ethically manage a law practice online and build a strong web presence. The program includes ethical strategies for websites and emailing as well as simple techniques that will help you avoid major online ethics violations. From disclaimers to social media, you will learn the best approach to establishing a web presence without violating any ethical standards.

What You will Learn About the Ethics of Establishing a Dominating Web-Presence:

• Focus Area #1 Ethically and Properly Establishing Your Web Presence

• Ethical Issues Surrounding Your Website Optimization

• Blogging: What You Can and Can’t Do Including Client Confidentiality & Disclaimer Violations

• Managing Online Reviews and Your Reputation 

• Using the Cloud, Going Paperless, and Developing Leads without Violating Solicitation or Confidentiality Rules

What You Will Learn About the Ethics of Using Social Media:

• The Myths About Social Media Usage

• The 5 Steps You Can Take to Protect Yourself 

• The Ethics of Social Media

• Simple Steps Every Law Firm Can Take to Monitor Their Social Media Profile

Unlike similar classes, this educational CLE delivers real, educational content that law firms need to navigate their online presence. Once the CLE is complete, you will understand the best practices for ethically using the Internet as well as how to avoid the traps of self-reviewing, improperly commenting on their blog, or misrepresenting their services online.

Presented by Jabez Labret, Co-author of Online Law Practice Strategies

CLE Credits (60): 3.0 Total

Ethics Credit (60): 3.0 hours

Produced By:

Alaska Bar Association