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The Future of Class Actions

Length: 2 hours 26 minutes

This program will provide attorneys with an examination of the current status and future direction of class action litigation in light of a series of recent Supreme Court decisions and other federal decisions raising fundamental questions about the viability of the class action mechanism.  The panelists will discuss the impact of the Supreme Court’s recent decisions concerning the scope and viability of class actions, as well as the Court’s arbitration-related class action decisions.  The panelists will also discuss recent federal decisions addressing the settlement of class actions, including the structure of settlements that receive or are denied court approval, as well as current trends regarding the types of legal claims being litigated as class actions, and class action issues currently pending in the Supreme Court or in the pipeline on their way up to the Supreme Court.  The policies underlying class actions and how those policies are being affected by these recent decisions will also be explored.
Program Chair: William R. Weinstein, Law Offices of William R. Weinstein

CLE credit: New York: 3.0 professional practice; New Jersey: 3.2 general; California & Pennsylvania: 2.5 general


6:00pm-6:05pm    Introduction
6:05pm-6:40pm    Recent Supreme Court Decisions Regarding Rule 23 and their Impact on the Current State of Class Action Litigation

6:40pm-7:15pm    Class Actions and Arbitration under the FAA

7:15pm-7:30pm    Break  

7:30pm-7:55pm    Developments in Class Action Settlements

7:55pm-8:25pm    Emerging Issues in Class Actions

8:25pm-8:45pm    Class Action Cases or Issues in Pipeline up to the Supreme Court

8:45pm-9:00pm    Q&A

Original Recording Date: 3/3/2015

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New York City Bar Association

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  • The Future of Class Actions
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